30 January 2011


Aah, the weekend has come and gone. We spent it indoors, as the freezing weather hasn't let up, aside from today. It truly felt like spring! I would have felt hopeful except that it is still winter, and will be for two more months. I am definitely ready for a new season. As exciting as the snow is, we are going crazy not being able to get outdoors. Here's to hoping February and March pass as quickly as January has.

This past week, I was added to a group called "Young Moms" on Facebook. Normally, I would pay it no mind and not participate, because it's just not my style. Well, I guess it is! I posted a thread asking if any moms would consider themselves "crunchy", and to my surprise quite a few people responded. The post turned into a spanking debate pretty quickly. We firmly do nottt spank in this house, and here's why: violence is truly not the answer. I want A to be able to express herself creatively and calmly instead of resorting to violence. I don't want her to fear me, either. I get on her level and talk to her. My number one tactic is removal and redirection. I'll take her away from the dvd player, computer, Blackberry - and grab a book or a toy. It works 99% of the time. Sometimes I get extremely frustrated with her, but who doesn't? I try not to yell, because I find that she mimics me *lol. And before I get reaallyy angry that she won't quit messing with something, I think of the 10% rule. For babies, temptations are so great, and they can only control themselves 10% of the time at 1 year. 20% at 2 years, etc. So I don't expect much from little A when she keeps getting into the tupperware draw. My last reason is, I respect my baby and how she feels. I didn't like being spanked when I was younger. I probably would have behaved much better had I been treated respectfully. I recently read a post on a Mothering.com forum (http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1294076/slipping) where a poster said "Spanking works. But it is not about whether spanking works or not. Rather it's what kind of relationship do you want with your child". That's a good way of putting of it. All opinion of course, no judging here. But something to consider.

C and I just finished watching the Kennedys Home Movies. It was great! Time for bed though, long day tomorrow. Xoxo, S.


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