09 February 2011

I keep getting fooled into thinking Spring is close! I guess 5 weeks isn't that long. Today was a gray, rainy (!) Day that ended with it clearing up to reveal a beautiful spring-like blue sky with puffy orange-lined clouds. The air has felt fresh as well, so a few windows have been open. I am truly loving it, as is A! She loves to listen to the cars drive past, and hear all the city noises. Before the sky cleared, A and I made the most delectable blueberry muffins! We used a basic muffin recipe and tweaked to our (her) liking - she has texture issues - and voila! They came out great. We used preserves instead of fresh blueberries because we are out. The preserves gave the entire muffin a cool light blue tinge, and distributed the flavor throughout. Although A doesn't eat cake type foods, she enjoyed the crust and eating the preserves from the jar ;) ......... life has just been moving on. Xo


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