02 August 2012

{on my mind}

I've been feeling some strange kind of way. I've been craving change in its entirety, and while I feel motivated, at the same time I feel defeated.

I really want to focus more energy on this blog. Its truly an escape, a break in life I need to utilize; keeps me grounded. Time has been non-existant though, the pace of things keeps getting faster and faster.

It's already August! I just can't comprehend how this summer flew by. Next month, fall will be upon us again, with chilly mornings and the soft fluttering sounds of leaves floating to the ground.

Ari is amazing. A perfect blend of her fathers and my best qualities. She's really coming in to her own- flourishing is really the word to describe it. Ari loves playing dress up, especially with heels that I hear clicking constantly across our floor. She's such an animal lover, the child has no fear when it comes to dogs or any other animals (including goats!). She is the least picky eater out of any child that I know, save for texture issues that we are still having (hmph). Vegetables are her food of choice, especially raw. She'd be awesome as a vegan; me, not so much. Ari's artistic qualities have been shining bright! She loves to color, paint, draw, everything. Books are important to her, and that makes me so, so happy. I am trying to teach her now that books should be respected, and how to properly care for one {we have too many missing pages in our Dr. Seuss series}.

The new apartment is almost completed; All that's left is finding a rad couch and chair to fit in the living room.

Within the next few months I'm hoping to sell my Volkswagen, and get something more reliable... but still a VW. :)

This month is going to be packed with awesome events that I am just so excited for. This upcoming weekend is Milltown, a hot rod and motorcycle show in Sturbridge, MA. Gabe and I will be camping out with another couple, so it's definitely going to be a fun time. Old cars and beer? Well alright! The weekend of the 18th, Gabe and I are heading up to Brooklyn, NY! The last time I was there, welll.... we won't get into that, but right off the bat I know this is going to be a much better trip than the last time I was there. Gabe's getting tattooed at Smith Street Tattoo Parlor, so we'll be spending the day in the city; I'm hoping I'll be able to talk him into seeing Central Park and visiting a bunch of thrift stores! And finally, on the 24th, I'll be getting my right thigh tattooed after much hype. Panther. YES.

So there will be plenty of photos, I'm currently blogging at work (oops!) but I do have a photo post from the month of July that will be up soon, as well as photos from the past weekend of thrifting around the Ocean State!

Happy August all! xo


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