05 July 2012

On Life {& things of that sort}

After a month hiatus, I've been yearning to blog. For a while, blogging was becoming somewhat of a chore for me; I looked at it as yet another task I had to accomplish and somehow structure in the crazy day to day that had become my life. Instead of getting down on myself for the lack of enthusiasm I had toward something that made me happy, I decided to take a break. To not worry whether or not posts were up, and being read, and how much exposure my writing was getting. I got caught up in the technical aspects, and not in the fun I once had. I needed to arrange my priorities. I feel refreshed, and ready to continue on this journey of documentation.

What a perfect time to take time off from writing, because things were so hectic I'm not sure I would have even wanted to share. Between differences with my previous neighbors, family situations, arrangements with Ari's father, and moving... I feel like a screenplay could have been written about the goings-on. I will admit that the past month has been one of my darkest times; The feeling of despair was overwhelming. However, I'm content knowing my head is in a better, more peaceful place lately. I'm very hopeful things are going to keep getting better!

Ari and I have recently downsized to an adorable two bedroom apartment owned by one of my wonderful aunts. I am just so thankful. We're currently still in the "boxes everywhere" stage, but things are slowly starting to come together. There are no bad memories associated with this new home, and a fresh start is making me feel complete. I have a real kitchen! (which I have been putting to good use). Everything just needs to be organized and a few things obtained; a bookshelf for fabrics, paints, camera equipment and all things creative; a couch, preferably thrifted; and a desk for my bedroom. My bookshelf is currently being utilized as (what else) a bookshelf; albeit so completely stocked full, I may need another one! I'm in the market for another desk as well- the one I refurbished is being used as my sewing station, and I'd really love to have a little workstation in my bedroom.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, my favorite holiday. We celebrated by visiting my mother and stepdad at their home in Johnston, basically a farm. Ari had a blast playing with the baby chicks and the goats- I had a blast photographing the greenhouse with the awesome water culture, the old still in use well, and just the sheer natural beauty of being so close to the city, yet feeling a million miles away. I miss country living for that reason, the feeling of freedom.

I'm excited to report that as of tomorrow, internet will be set up in our new home, so photos and a lot more posts are to come!

I hope you've all had a wonderful June, and enjoyed a patriotic day yesterday xo


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