21 May 2012

{weekend recap!}

This past weekend was one of the most enjoyable in a while. Friday, I got out of work hoping for a fun night, and fun I did get! I met up with a coworker for drinks at a local place, Plaza Mexico. Conversation was great, drinks were good, and the outdoor patio made it better considering it was a welcomed warm night. After a drink there, we headed to another local plac, the Burrito Company. More interesting conversation ensued. (Its funny how much time I actually spend at work). After that, I headed to Providence with Lorena. It had been over a month since we've seen each other last, and in that time frame a lot of crazyness had happened. It was nice to catch up and get on each others level. I cant say it was completely normal, but it was getting there. Muldowney's bar in Providence is one of my favorite spots to go out to; the people are always interesting, the bartenders are so funny and always open for conversation, and its just a good time. Some people I vaguely know showed up and from there it was just a hilarious time. Thayer street from there, and then home. Lack of sleep + tequila from my mexican drinks made my saturday morning hell.

Saturday got a lot better once my headache disappeared haha. My Volkswagen has been acting up again (what's new) so I spent some time trying to figure out what's been going on with that, and much to my delight, I did. Afterwards, Gabe and I went for a ride on the motorcycle and for something to eat. We ended the night hanging at his house with his neighbors, then I went home and went to bed nice and early. :]

Sunday was a busy day, running errands and then getting ready to head to a hot rod and motorcycle show in Worcester, MA. What a fun day! It was held at an awesome diner, Ralph's. We took the motorcycle up there with Rogaa and it was just a perfect day to be outdoors. There were so many awesome cars and bikes. We walked around for a while, drank Narragansett, and enjoyed the atmosphere. *being there got me thinking about the connections we make in life. It was an event where I would have never expected to see anybody I know, but surprise! I heard someone shout "Shayna!" and as I turned, I saw one of my coworkers and her husband. Was really a funny thing, maybe ill elaborate more on what I mean about connections, but it was just so random.

Anyway, now its monday, and back to being a slave to the week. Its supposed to rain for the next five days, so I'm hoping to get in lots of cuddle time with Ari and to get a few projects done around the house, including (finally) painting my bedroom walls purple! Now, for photos:

Ralph's Diner

Monday morning with a new dress :]

Have a great day loves! xoxo


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