17 May 2012

{photo dump pt.2}

Spectrum India table at the Thayer Street Festival

Setting up in front of the Brown bookstore

crappy Blackberry pic. but delicious Green tea by Blue State Coffee Co.

Vegan black bean burger from the Better Burger Co. seriously amazing!


drinks at Shark

Random guys who bought us a drink, then insisted on a photo haha mario + chris

outside my bedroom window on a foggy morning

henna and mini roadtrips

Ari looking into her telescope :] aka my tripod


dirty vw

flowers from gabe <3

$10 a bottle.... mhm. but Kasteel Rouge is the most amazing cherry ale, ever.

So now that I finally got those photos up, I'm hoping we can start fresh. Kinda like New Years Resolutions, but in May ;] I'm going to really try to update more frequently, and with a wide mix of content. I'm hoping to update the look too!



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