21 March 2012

the Sugary Smell of Springtime

This week has been one of my best in a while! Things are just going so smoothly, it's nice. Just followin' the swing of things. :]

Work has been one of my main stressors, but I'm starting to relax a bit when it comes to that. I really do love my job, and it bothers me when I can't keep up with the workflow. Our whole department is slowly sinking, but I'm thankful I have an awesome team of coworkers. Laughter is a constant in our office, and it's really a cool thing to have the same sense of humor as the other 4 girls. And when I say laughter, we have each other dying on a daily basis. Makes work all the more tolerable :] A posting for a per diem in our department just went out, so hopefully that will be the preserver to stop us from going under.

The weather in RI has been nothing short of amazing. Shorts for the past few days, the sun shining and hot. The cherry blossom across the street from my apartment is already blossoming! Yet it hasn't even hit April yet. I kind of fear that after everything starts to bloom, some type of crazy winter weather is going to wipe it all out. New England is really unpredictable... but I'm enjoying this while it lasts!

Ari has been hilarious as always. Last week we hit up a new taco stand in town, Tacos Jalisco, with our friends Lorena and Sofia! It had been beautiful all week, but the day we went it had turned chilly. Now, I've always been wary of trying new things (I've improved 100% with this), but this little stand is top notch! All fresh vegetables, hormone-free meat (I've asked!), and it's authentic Mexican. {For all you RI and nearby MA residents, it's on Social Street in Woonsocket}. Fairly priced, a chicken quesadilla will run you about $5. Totally worth it {even when I was throwing it up! lactose intolerant and ate so much cheese.) I'm not ashamed to say I've been there twice since last week haha. Ari and I even had a taco picnic at the park for dinner tonight :] Sooo good!

I have to say, I feel like I'm getting back to myself again; things look brighter. Keeping an open and optimistic mind has been my priority recently, and with that, things have been falling into place. The confidence I have in myself lately! SO uncharacteristic of me, but very much welcomed. Thanks to my sudden complete lactose intolerance, I had to cut cheese and milk out of my diet. I'm finally starting to lose weight again(!!!), considering I basically lived off of cheese (I'm serious). Anyway, Planning with my friends for the weekend has given me many things to look forward to! In a nutshell, it's going to be full of great friends, good drinks and definitely a lot of laughter. :]

I am totally blessed for all the perfect and beautiful people, things, and moments that make up my life. I am, I am.

my boy.

A's new favorite vegetable? Tomatillos and red peppers. Win!

vegetable + cheese quesadillas! super easy, recipe soon!

homemade sweet bread, nutella, bananas

my spot. haha

Our girls have played together since before Ari was a year old; they're full fledged toddlers now! It's awesome to have them together. They laugh when I say I have two babies haha.

Last night after work, I picked Ari up and her cousin Katie and we all went to the park. I am a total hovering mother. haha I never thought I would be, but I was all over any kid who tried to push the girls. "Excuse me, please dont push her!!!!" They had fun though, and I restrained my camera use until almost the end of the excursion. ;]

Every picture I take of Ari is pretty funny. She cannot stay still for more than a second!

Katie (who is 4 years old) was dyinggg to use my camera after seeing me snap a few photos. Who am I to deny a kids creativity? She was allowed to take one picture. I focused the lense and showed her which button to press. This was the result. I absolutely love it.

And I'm just saying, if you really want to make a good decision to better your life... you must find some girl scouts, and buy a box or five of lemon cookies. I'M ADDICTED. Throw em in the freezer... goodbye self control! ;]



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