04 March 2012

Photos of Life Lately {big post}

These past few weeks have been interesting. Time is just flying by, it's already March! I really want to start getting back on track with blogging, starting this week. I haven't had the motivation I did before, which I'm currently blaming on work and trying to get this house in order. There is still so much to do, even without painting. I get overwhelmed pretty easily, so this hasn't quite been working in my favor. But anyway, more on everything later; I promised a picture post, so here it is!

New Hampshire bound; Boston, MA

Hotel breakfast; Tilton Inn, NH

It was so cold in New Hampshire; blankets were definitely necessary.

Thrift store find; Gustav Klimt's 'the Kiss'

Another thrift store find; Amazing Yosemite Ansel Adams photos!! :]

Gabe and I got back to my house one day to find this truck parked on the sidewalk, facing the wrong direction, with a dog sitting in the drivers seat. haha hilarious

Putting together the Malm with his assistant, Juniper

She loves her rain boots!

Getting tattooed; Nate Moretti, McInnis Tattoo, Providence RI

Random mini snow storm! A nice surprise considering we've barely seen any snow this winter

breakfast at Nicks; Providence, RI

Gabe: "Take a picture of the people on the side of us' food" haha.

The only cool thing at Big Top flea market; Olneyville, RI

We went hiking one day at I don't even know where; somewhere in Massachusetts. It was a long walk, and it was cold, but it was beautiful.

Definitely hiked in moccasins. It was.... interesting.

Sometimes I have serious social anxiety, and as we were climbing this big hill I became wary because I heard a lot of people at the top. Turns out, it was a group of Mennonites taking photos. We couldn't stop laughing (oops :)

yummy fried chocolate ice cream from a local Thai place called Vohn's; Bellingham, MA

best friends.

xo! ♥


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you're so beautiful, i usually only smile when i'm happy <3

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