15 October 2011

Body Post Update!

Remember this post?

I've debated over and over about posting this series. I still feel as if I have a lot of work to go, and I am self conscious to the point where looking at photos of myself 5 months ago make me cringe and think, "I can't believe I let myself look like that!" So if anything, I'm posting this for more motivation.

Lately, I've been at a standstill between 103 and 106 lbs. Previously in April/May, I had gotten up to 120lbs!

My exercise intake has somewhat decreased since the summer, but I'm still walking whenever I can, doing some yoga here and there and just being outdoors.

Eating wise, I've been out of control! Recently, I've still been making sure my calorie intake isn't over what it should, but trying to cut back on sugars. This past week has been hell for me. All I have been craving is soda, chocolate, candy, fatty foods! I know if I start to deprive myself of it then the cravings will go away. But I can't help it. Damn you, work, for always keeping a full candy dish. It doesn't help that my face has been breaking out so bad because of all the junk.

Anyway, here's the update. Since May, I've been able to maintain a 15-17lb weight loss. I'm hoping to lose 10 more. Just 10 more and I'll be completely satisfied. I'm also only 5'l" tall. What seems like a lot of weight loss really isn't that much for my height.

May 2011:

October 10, 2011:

My problem areas are clearly my arms, legs and hips! Nomatter what I do, I feel like I'll never get to where I want to be with those areas. 10 more pounds gone by the end of November? Attainable goal, I think!

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