02 May 2011

The Food Challenge

So in a post yesterday, I touched on my eating habits and how that was changing. Yes, as of today I am officially on a diet, not juuust to lose weight, but a diet of the mind - to change my relationship with food.

My relationship with food and my eating habits aren't all that great. Sure, I make nutritious dinners for my family, especially little A. But I truly need to push myself to be healthy, no joke. I like fruits and vegetables, but the truth is, I am addicted to sugar.

There. I said it. Completely. In. Love. With. SUGAR. Twizzlers, Arizona teas, sour gummy worms, Skittles, everything chocolate... I consume(d) on a daily basis. BAD.

Not anymore. I want to be healthy. My goal is not to get thin, it's to be satisfied with how/ what I'm eating, and not letting food control me anymore.

Why do humans *Americans especially* place food on such a pedestal?! Mcdonald's here, BK there, Super size or triple size it! Food is there to keep our bodies going, not for us to obsess over.

I'm cutting out red meats, empty sugars, dairy *but not completely, I love cheese*, and whatever else I find to just not be up to my standards. 3-4 vegetarian meals a week.

And I just need to make more of a schedule for yoga. I love it, but I need motivation to make it past the second week of doing it pretty much every day.

I'm sure that blogging will help me stay more on track, since it's not just me I have disappointed if I fail. By the same token, I'm wierd about my weight so I'm learning to shift my focus from dropping pounds to getting healthy, which is SO hard..

But I know I'll be happier with myself once I just change the way I think about food.

So here's to new, healthy beginnings- and a lot more food posts! :)


Mommy Adventures said...

I used to be the same way, I love my sugary foods! But then I had to go on a low GI diet (which is really good for everyone by the way) because I have hypoglycemia. I eat healthy now with one "naughty day" per week where I can have a piece of cake or whatever else I want (within reason, not like only cake all day long...). Also, I have a square of Lindt 85% dark chocolate after dinner each night, which is satisfying as a desert and it's not something you can eat a lot of at once anyway. After a while, you stop craving all those sugary things, and if you do eat them, they just taste like sugar, plain sugar. They are not nice at all. Good job, you can do it! P.S. healthy food can taste delicious, you just have to find the right recipes and/or modify ones you already know you love.

Shayna Rae said...

Thanks for the tips and encouragement! I've done this before + can't wait to get to the point where I no longer have cravings. I love eating healthy, but eating ONLY healthy is a challenge, lol :)

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