14 May 2011

Burt's Bees

Last week, I ran out of shampoo and really don't have the time to go through the greasy hair phase of no poo'ing. On my lunch break, I walked to Rite Aid and browsed. First let me just note, my hair is awful. I can't use any products in it aside from baby and children shampoos, they can't be in 2 in 1, and I also can't use any hair products except very light things or my hair will look weighed down. I was just going to purchase regular baby shampoo (Ari uses natural shampoo, but it doesn't have enough lather for the length of my hair).

I saw at the end of an aisle a little Burt's Bees section. Among all the products were Grapefruit and Sugar Beet shampoo and conditioner. I figured since they were on clearance, why not? If they don't work, I can give them to my sister V, and I didn't spend a fortune.

For $4.26, I struck gold.

I haven't been this happy with my hair in a long time! The shampoo and conditioner are light to begin with (perfect!). The smell is sooo nice and fresh. Even in the shower, after using the conditioner you can feel a big change right away. The best part is, it really shows once your hair is dry! My hair is veryy wavy/curly, and I get a lot of flyaways. This shampoo and conditioner controls that nicely, and gives my hair a gorgeous shine. If this works on my hair, I'm sure it will work just as great on any kind of hair. I'm seriously glad I am able to use an adult shampoo, and that's also 98% natural. At an original price of $7.99 a piece, I scored, but definitely will pay the full price once I run out.

Another product we love by Burt's Bees is from the Baby Bee line, Buttermilk Bath Soak.

Ari has super sensitive skin (like me) and will break out even from touching something irritating. This stuff works beautifully! It's soothing on the skin, smells baby sweet, and leaves munchkin feeling cuddly soft. This has never irritated her skin, and usually will aid in ridding a rash. It's really comforting in a wierd way, and Ari tends to wind down easier when we use this in her bath. I am totally of guilty of taking a pinch to sprinkle on myself in the shower, and I feel super smooth and relaxed after :)

Burt's Bees was purchased in 2008 by Clorox, and while some may consider that selling out, is it really? By keeping all the same natural formulas for their products, I feel that Burt's Bees is getting the recognition it finally deserves, and hopefully when Clorox realizes there is money to be in green healthy products, they'll produce more.

On every product is a "natural bar", which indicates how much of the product is actually natural. The products we own don't dip lower than 98%. How sweet is that?

The price can be a bit of a deterrent though, understandably, but you can make it worth the money by conserving and trying to shop when it goes on sale!



Our Little Bubble said...

good to know! I've been using the all in one Burt;s for the kids for years, but now look forward to trying these out for me :) i could use some extra shine!

Shayna Rae said...

:) it definitely makes my hair look gorgeous, I hope you end up loving it too!

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