29 March 2011

"I am an artist first, and a photographer second"

I went back to the thrift store today to take some photos for tour tuesday, but naturally as soon as I went to snap a photo, the battery died. So, I'm going back tomorrow and not taking my 50mm.

Since tour tuesday is going to be tomorrow this week, here are a few links you might like! I sure did ♥

eco-friendly art supplies for kids!

this looks absolutely delicious!

a few Vegan restaurants in RI

tons of adorable things!

how do you feel about this article?

loving these frames!

We've been drinking lots of lemon water - even Ari loves it! xo


Aly said...

Sass, I love lemon water! Look at that ham.. I miss all of you guys. Especially waking up to her in the morning... Love you!

Aly said...

hey, just wanted to let you know. i know you swear by borax lol, so i came home and found out that there were a few things that moved in while we were away. a whole nice colony of sugar ants... they were all over my food cabinet... in the kitchen (which was spotless before we left, mind you). so i looked up different home remedies.. and there was 20 mule borax! lol. ryan was like hey thats what shayna uses - lets get it so you can use it to clean too... i was like okay, lets do it. i didnt know it was so cheap!!! 2.99$ for a big box! when i'm out of cleaning supplies... that is going to be all that i use. but back to the story... so it said that that works. i mixed it with honey to attract the ants and put little cap-fulls everywhere. the ants surrounded it immediately and before we knew it there were none in the area. i still have borax sprinkled just about everywhere in my kitchen but im figuring they took the honey filled with borax back to their queen and killed the entire colony. just for future reference: 2 oz honey, 1 tbsp borax heated in the micro til borax melts... once its all melted let it cool and add equal amount of water to the mixture. :) love ya sass!

Anonymous said...

Shayna! you got rid of your fb so now i cant set up something for you to take pictures of damian. - Nikki. Email me whenever you get a chance. Punbaby1222@yahoo.com

Shayna Rae said...

hey sass! that's awesome :) you're going to love cleaning with 20 mule, it works on the toughest stuff! ♥

Nikki, I'll be emailing you!

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