31 March 2011

I want the world to stop, give me the morning

I feel pretty proud of myself today! Yesterday at school, we had 'mock interviews', my teacher gathered some of her co-workers to interview us and fill out an evaluation sheet. The person interviewing me, K, is a Vegan (!) and we have a lot of the same interests. So cool :) My interview basically turned into a casual conversation where she gave me great insight on the Vegan lifestyle - which was wonderful, because tomorrow I start my cleansing fast and will start fresh with raw foods. (I NEED to start doing better with my eating, + am totally committed to this).

Anyway, I got my evaluation back, and needless to say she pretty much gave me a rave review!

interview mock vegan lifestyle evaluation

More good news: After a month and a half, the post office called this morning to tell us that they have the 2 boxes of books memere shipped for Ari! So wonderful :) We'll be getting them tomorrow ♥

new england rhode island snow april fools

It's snowing here in Rhode Island, and that is not an April fools joke! We are expecting a nor'easter for tomorrow, April 1st. Gotta love it

Here's two addictive songs to check out - I Want the World to Stop & Mushaboom -Postal Service Remix. Night ya'll! xo


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