04 November 2012

Pointed North.

This weekend didn't turn out quite like I had planned, but it was fun nonetheless. Unfortunately on friday, I ended up passing out on the couch until 1130 at night, therefore rendering plans with Lorena not possible. We ended up rescheduling for a lunch date yesterday, which was SO nice. Afterwards, I headed to Providence to have a few beers at Muldowneys. My friends and I ended up leaving there and walking down the street to the Alley Cat, a tucked away little gay bar. We usually will stop at the Stable, but we all voted on the latter. Such a fun night! Anything goes in that place, and the atmosphere was cool; the bartenders were super nice and personable, drinks were strong, and the bar was packed. I sung my heart out and had a great time.

Today, I needed a little time to clear my head, and it was beautiful out. I packed my blanket, a book, the camera and some tea and headed to Pascoag- to a small little clearing on the outskirts of a pond. The sun was shining so brightly, and so I hunkered down on my blanket to read. It was nice to lay there, in the complete quiet, except for a few leaves rustling to the ground. Overall, I'd say a successful, lazy sunday.

~just a random one from a weekend morning...

i'm so ready for bed, sleep tight xo ♥


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