28 November 2012

November is the best.

I truly believe November has become my lucky month. I haven't been slacking on purpose, I swear. Let me explain in brief, considering I have massive amounts of photos to share!

Thanksgiving was going to be a typical holiday. My parents wanted to celebrate on the following sunday, so instead of the traditional feast we had a roast, among many other yummy foods. All of us were just hanging in the living room, when I heard a loud truck. Not thinking anything of it, I assumed it was some type of delivery driver. My sister Veronica screamed and ran outside- I look quizzically at my mom, thinking she was just getting a package or something. Until she said, "go outside and see your sister". I stand there, perplexed for a minute, still not grasping the situation. She said it again, "go out, and see your sister!" and then it hit me. ALY AND RYAN WERE HOME. I immediately starting bawling my eyes out and walked outside to see my very pregnant little sister and my brother in law. I probably didn't let go of her for five minutes, sobbing uncontrollably for whatever reason. I had missed them so much. Ari was so excited to see her aunt and uncle! The past few days in my house has been all about "auntie Aly and baby Maia". :D It makes me so happy to have my sister close to me again. The best holiday ever.

Friday, was my babys third birthday! Where has the time gone? I could be one of those mothers, sentimental that Ari is no longer a baby, but that's not me. I'm happy she's growing- growing into an amazing, intelligent, sweet and beautiful girl. She's so witty and says things I would have never thought her to understand at this age. She loves animals so much, especially kittens. Reading books and playing dress up are her favorite things. She always wants to be the princess, and at home, she definitely is. We've been dealing with temper tantrums lately- big blowouts that end up with me taking a time-out in my room (instead of her!) because I can't take the screaming, and because usually, she's upset over absolutely nothing. I pray this isn't what the teenage years are going to be like...

I also, somewhat warily, upgraded from a blackberry to an iPhone. I definitely do not regret it. I'm actually writing right now from the blogger app because my Internet is out right now lol. But yeah, I'm totally addicted. My favorite apps so far are obviously Instagram (shaynaav), cinemagram, and foodspotting. Okcupid is pretty fun if you're not serious haha.

So I've pretty much just been laying low, I'm hoping to get some photos edited and up this weekend. Now that I know I can do everything with this phone, expect more frequent updates until I find a new service provider.



Anonymous said...

you spilled the beans on your sisters kids name.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Great Blog!!!

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