13 November 2012

Links You'll Like

I totally slacked this weekend on updating! I think I'm better suited to blogging only monday thru fridays, anyway - that way, I won't feel guilty for not doing it on the weekends ;)

So instead of just a post on what I did this weekend, I figured I'd links some sites/articles/whatever that I've been finding interesting lately!

Definitely going to be trying this recipe for Crockpot Mashed Potatoes- seems so easy!

Toilet Paper Roll Owls would look so cute on the Christmas tree this year!

I'm loving the use of cookie cutters and photos for this holiday decoration

Beaded curtains. I am obsessed.

Set yourself free. Awesome article on TinyBuddha

100 of the most beautiful words in the English language; interesting!

2013 Food Trends. Fermented cherry juice could be right up my alley...

Fifty smoothie recipes; favorite this!

Eyeliner looks {10 styles to try}

{the past weekend was a good one though; I had a great time seeing my friends as usual, and it was nice to get out of my own head for a little while. sunday morning was all cuddles and movies and being comfortable, and yeah, perfect.}

Enjoy your tuesday! xoxo


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