13 March 2012

Take It As It Comes

Mother nature must be seriously happy with New England, because the weather we've been having is so awesome! I wore shorts tonight after work. The warm air has been a nice change; it's so noticeable in the way people have been acting lately. I work in a busy office building where people are always rushing in and out, angry looking, not caring if the door hits you in the face behind them. The past two days though, I have seen SO many people smiling, and just being more aware of everyone around them. Spring has seemingly broken out in Woonsocket; I'm okay with this!

Soo I'm not going to write much, but Gabe and I are no longer. Things change, but some things never change.. I'm honestly okay. I don't feel bad. I guess when the end is knowingly imminent from the start, it makes it much easier. I've been getting used to having all this space in the bed again. Anyway, luckily for me, I have great, hilarious friends who have been doing a good job at keeping my mind off of things. :] This weekend is St. Patrick's Day weekend, and I'm Irish! Woo!

Even though the week is half over already, I'm wishing it was a weekend morning. There's nothing like waking up and sleeping in a little, remembering that really, it is the weekend and unless you made prior engagements, your day is yours to do as you wish! I try to go on adventures as much as possible, I'm always happy to end up somewhere random. This may or may not be practical, but when I'm old, I hope I have more memories of fun adventures than practical life. Just gotta take it as it comes

Listen to this while viewing the pictures below; you'll want sunday morning.

all images via Pinterest

This sunday, I am resolving to stumble out of bed early and grab a coffee and yummy breakfast in Prov. ♥


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