25 January 2012

What's on my iPod v.5

This week I'm pretty excited haha. I absolutely love Circa Survive, specifically Anthony Green. I first saw them at the Worcester Palladium in 2005, obsessed ever since. Anywayyy, Anthony Greens newest solo album has recently come out, and it's so rad! Plenty different from the previous {you can tell he's off the drugs} but I'm posting my favorite three songs; give it a listen! And if you like it, buy Beautiful Things here. :]

{I also highly recommend 'Right Outside', 'When I'm on Pills' and 'I'll Love You No Matter What’}

I’ve also been listening to a lot of CANT as of late. CANT is a side project from Chris Taylor, the lead singer of Grizzly Bear. If you’re into floaty, melodic music, you’ll enjoy this.

{I’d also recommend the song ‘She Found a Way Out’}

I don’t know much about this band Capital Cities, but this song and the rest of their album is pretty neat.

Lykki Li! I love this girl. She’s a singer from Sweden, and all her music is just fresh.

{Recommending ‘Love Out of Lust’ and ‘Get Some’}

I’m seriously so in love with this song. Could listen to it on repeat (may or may not have already done that haha). Makes me think of someone… :]

The Perishers-Nothing Like You and I

The Honey Trees make some seriously wonderful music. Don’t write them off just because their name is a little strange! The lead singer sounds like a mix between Haley Williams from Paramore and Rilo Kiley with a more folk sound. Beautifulllll.

{Recommending ‘Finding Home’ and ‘Moon River Cover’- Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favorite movies so I’m partial ;) }

And finally, We Are The Birdcage. This chick has a beautiful voice, and the lyrics to this song I’m sure everyone can relate to.

{Recommending ‘Two Left Feet’}

So that’s that! Enjoy xo


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