01 December 2011

the Reading Cave

Books; encyclopedias, novels, picture books, foreign language, love stories, fiction, non-fiction, any and all. I have a profound love for and interest in books that began when I was a child. I would hide out for hours in my room, nose stuffed in the pages, immersing myself in whatever story I happened to be reading. Once I got my first "child" laptop when I was like nine, I started to write. I enjoyed the process of creating people, places and whatever else. It was my escape.

As Ari grows, she wants to explore more, and sit down less. I am trying SO hard to instill in her the value of books, to no avail. She is a typical kid, after all. BUT, I think I have found a solution.

Yesterday one of my coworkers gave me a book, "Love you Forever". Wah, cry fest. Such a sweet book! Anyway, I was determined to read it last night with Ari. How else can you get a wild child to relax?

Build a fort, of course! I moved some chairs into the bedroom, threw a blanket over them, pillows and blankets on the foor. I took Love You Forever and a stack of others and put them in the fort. We popped popcorn on the stove and sprinkled it with parmesan cheese (my fave, and now Ari's too!). We layed down and read books for over an hour! She was focused on the books, "time to turn page mama!", all the while munching on her popcorn. It was perfect :]

So the moral of the story is, forts do wonders for blocking out the distractions when you just want to cuddle and read to your baby. ♥


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