05 April 2011

I wish my baby would stop growing. She understands pretty much everything, and is starting to say phrases! What happened to my bald peanut?! Her personality is hilarious, she is such a character, always making her daddy and I laugh. Her favorite things to do are climbing on ..anything, and throwing her food off of her highchair. Ohh, and painting on surfaces with her bottles of milk, specifically the floor. For some reason, whenever she gets talked to sternly, she gives us kisses! When we accept them, she laughs, like "haha! mommy believed me" lol. ♥

I also realize it's tuesday and I should have a tour for you all, but it completely slipped my mind! I'm sorry, dear readers! But in place of a tour, I have some photos of my munchkin you might enjoy; I don't agree with using a playpen, but for some reason Ari has an absolute blast in it, bouncing off the sides and staring out the windows. Chuck put her in it, and she went to town! Wierd child...

I'm toying with the idea of making a facebook page for this blog, to gain more exposure. What do you think? Would you like the page?

OH! My blogs submission to TopMommyBlogs was accepted, so if you're enjoying this blog, show me some love and help me rank! Thank you all ♥

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Aly said...

Sass, first of all I want to tell you that you and "C" have made a beautiful child. She's such a ham. lol. I am happy to see shes finally growing some hair (except for the fact that means she's getting older and I'm not there to witness it) :( BUT she has mad teeth dude! lol and if you can't tell she's your child, LOOK AT THE LIPS....Ducky Jr! lol, what a smartass, kissing you when you yell at her hahaha she's probably thinking "they can't resist this face"... Climbing: it's in the blood, throwing things: that just might be too ;), and hmmm painting on things with milk (or food) IM SURE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER AUNTIE :) lol LOVE YOU GUYS <3

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