22 March 2011

Tour Tuesday!

A sneak peek into my sanctuary! The rest of the house (among other things) will be shown every tuesday. I'm hoping to possibly find some guest bloggers to participate? Or even non-bloggers! I love to see others homes (nosy! :) so link up to me if you'd like. Welcome to my home ♥

That's A's room now, the next two photos are from her old bedroom at our first ever apartment (taken before she was born!)

We moved from that apartment in May '10, and I just don't feel the need to put a lot of work into painting when it's just an apartment.

The majority of the trinkets in these rooms are from a wonderful store called Spectrum India, owned by the best man in the whole world, Jagdish. Now if you meet this old (but only in terms of age!) man, you will be completely head over heels in love with his personality. If you want to feel happiness, visit him. Jagdish has a way of making everything seem awesome :) I've had the pleasure of knowing him for more than half of my lifetime, since around the age of 7. Check out Spectrum India on your next visit to Providence (Thayer Street, in between Brown University and RISD), and tell him Shayna sent you. Make sure you don't leave without your free bangle or glass ring!

(Jagdish on the cover of the Post Magazine, Brown University's student-run paper)


homemade said...

I love the star lantern and the paper star. Your apartments look very inviting and cozy, like I can imagine that it smells warm and comfortable. I love bookshelves in living spaces! I always feel comfortable around books and love to see books people read! Is your daughters name Arina? That is a cute name!

tori said...

Super cute & ecclectic! Love the prayer flag & the lantern!

Shayna Rae said...

thanks ladies! I feel the same way about books, I can't get enough of them :) My daughters name is Ariana ♥

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