10 March 2011

It's a strange condition...

I am SUCH a slacker when it comes to blogging lately! I've been so tired, between school, Ari, and just being occupied with other things. Sorry loveys, I promise to make a better attempt at writing! Forgive me? ♥ I'm considering doing those "blog prompts" over at Bloggymoms, but I'm unsure right now.

School is okay! missed a few days because I didn't have a sitter for A, but that's alright with me because I miss my peanut while I'm away. Everything should be situated soon though, since I can't really miss any more days. My teacher asked me if I would be willing to instruct my class on de-stressing with yoga! Totally flattered of course, I said yes, but now I'm freaking out juuuust a little bit. I've never had to teach a class, let alone yoga, and I'm a bit lost on creating a "lesson plan". If anyone has any suggestions, please, help me!

Tuesday made 5 years since the adoption, so we normally have a "family night". Unfortunately, my brother couldn't be with us since he lives in Florida. We missed you, N! We went out to dinner to Carrabbas, and had a night of laughter. It was very sweet ♥

Before we went though, A and I felt as if we needed a bit of good ol' country nastalgia. We piled into the G35 (agh. SO cramped) and headed up to Pascoag, our old stomping grounds.
Everytime I drive on Town Farm Road, I feel like I belong there. It's a comfort zone for me, memories of summers past. Riding bikes to the lake, walking miles down the street just for the hell of it, climbing trees, playing in the garden and on the grapevine. Tractor rides, bouncing in the pickup listening to Roy Orbison and B101, laying in the green grass, not wanting to go to sleep at night but knowing that the sooner I sleep, the sooner I can wake up and get outside. That's REAL to me. I can't put into words how bad I CRAVE that for Ari.
We drove past our old home, and by empty fields, deserted milking farms, shiny new lakehouses. Ended up at a quaint little park, it's main attraction being a waterfall and the trails in the woods once you cross the wooden bridge. Ari LOVED being in the woods. She ran everywhere, picked up leaves, looked at the trees and sky, was just amazed by all around her. It brought me such happiness to see her curiousity, she's got such a free spirit and is not intimidated by much, if anything at all. We had a wonderful time playing outside, all of us! It wasn't warm by any means, but cold can definitely do you some good!


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