19 March 2011

It's a strange condition.. You got me outta my head

I must say, I am completely obsessed. With what, you ask?.... Pete Yorn. - drool - Thia will probably be the ONLY post you ever see like this, but yeah, I can't get enough of this man. 'Strange Condition' has been one of my favorites since it first came out, I was like thirteen lol. The whole cd is good, Music for the Morning After.

Anyway, like two weeks ago I had to take a Myers-Briggs personality assessment for class. It was super legit, and I had actually taken it before, with the results being INTJ. Welllll I finally got my results yesterday, and came back with ENTP. Huhhh? Apparently you shouldn't take the test unless you have access to a person administering it (which we did). So we went over everything, she had to ask me more questions to determine my type. Well, wouldn't you know it: INTJ. She said your evironment can affect your answers, so I was definitely in a different state of mind than when I was sitting on the couch picking and choosing. I should have my complete assessment by next week - a whole folder of papers about my type. Very interstingg! You can take a free test online by clicking here, it worked for me but it may not be the same for everyone!

INTJ is the second rarest personality type out of 16. Read about my type here and here.

So my house is almost finished! Pretty exciting, a tour of my house shall be posted soon ;) We finished putting most of the rooms together, except our bedroom lol. I have noooo room for all my clothes! Too crazy. Hopefully things will be finished befotre Ari and I come home tonight! We're going to my cousin T's birthday party at a roller skating place. I'm sure this is going to be interesting with a 15 (almost 16!!) month old. Xo


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