13 February 2011

What an interesting night last night turned out to be. My dad offered to take A for the night, so C and I could just relax or whatever. I feel SO weird when A is not here. Dad picked her up at 6, and it's just so hard to part with her. I complain that I never get time to myself (she rarely sleeps out, I'm a sahm so no babysitter, etc.), but when the time comes I regret ever feeling like I need to be away from her. ....Blah. But, I sucked it up and C and I relaxed until some of friends called and we all decided to have some drinks and go to Twin River! It's been about a year since I've been there, so I was happy :) I don't gamble but I have just as much fun as everyone else! Anyway, the past 38 hours I have slept a total amount of.. 1 hour! Yes, I am exhausted. Munchkin was brought home at 11am, and between 530am when I finally felt tired and 10am, I got my 1 hr of broken up sleep. I am on auto pilot! Very odd feeling. Rough day, especially with C and I feeling awful and our ever so spirited child running and climbing like a jungle person. When she does settle down for a 5 minute break, she has been learning new letters daily. Right now she recognizes letters A,B,F,R, and will pick them out of her magnetic alphabet. ♥


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