23 February 2011

At last.

I've been in a rut. Negative happenings have been commonplace lately.. like the fact that all of my photos dating from Feb 2010 to now suddenly deleted themselves off of my laptop. UUGGGHHHH. I was doing spring cleaning of my photos, archiving them, deleting useless ones, etc. All of a sudden -without touching anything!- I watched the folder disappear in horror. Honestly... I didn't freak at first, because I wasn't believing it. But then it sunk in and I was in tears. :( One of the things I learned when I first started gaining knowledge on computers is that nothing is ever truly deleted. The file is just marked as free space, so it can be used by other programs, etc. To make a boring story short and tolerable, most of my photos were recovered, except January + February of this year. Sucks!! If you ever experience deleting something that shouldn't have been - STOP! Don't do anything on your computer except download and run the program Recuva (microsoft users). It's freeware, and it works great!

All my photos from this past sunday are gone :( C and I walked all of Downtown with A. I'm thankful she loves the sling because it was a two hour walk and she didn't so much as fidget! I have a few photos from the day that were processed before the big deletion. ♥


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