24 January 2011


A and I had a very adventurous day yesterday. We headed to Zig Zag Zone located at the John Smith Sports Center in Milford, MA, with my lovely friend L and her 20 month old daughter S. If you can put aside your worry about germs or your kid getting stuck with a needle in the ball pit (I'm kidding! Does anyone remember those scares?!) , it's a pretty great way to spend a cold day having a blast with your kid indoors. A is only 14 months, but she's been walking since 9 months and is extremely mobile. This place is perfect for kids who are able to climb relatively easy, and who aren't afraid of heights! Zig Zag Zone is comprised of a bouncy house, a huge play area with tubes, slides, and other activities, and a giant bouncy slide at the end. It is on the side of an indoor field, so soccer or field hockey practice is usually going on. A and S had a wonderful time! Entry is $7 for all day access, and the best part is, you get to play alongside your child! That's right, L and I were climbing right along with the girls - it was awesome for us to see firsthand how much fun they were having. The lunch area is decent, chicken fingers (healthiest on the menu) were okay. This was my first time, and L suggested going on a weekday morning if possible, because all the older kids would be in school (there were a decent amount today). Parents in the waiting area were overall very friendly, casual conversation was made. Most either read or toyed on their Blackberries. Overall a very cool place, A and I will definitely be heading back here.   Xoxo, S



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