21 January 2011


"My mind's not a well, it won't run dry." - Anthony Green

My first post in over five years! Feels good to be back on the blogging scene and figuring out the quirks of this platform. Before I start, let me just say this is a wip (work in progress). It really has been a while since I even had to write anything remotely similar to a paragraph, so I had to throw the "work in progress" warning out there. Aaaanyway!

I'm a young, stay at home mama to spirited, sassy, currently 14 month old A. She was born in November '09, and I've been head over heels in love ever since. It isn't always roses, but she always brightens my days. A's daddy is also my lover, C. We've been through so much together, but we're still keeping on. Again, not always roses, but he makes me happy. <3

You'll be seeing quite the amount of photos on this blog. Why? - Because I'm a photographer. I am at my calmest with a camera in my hands, and I truly love being able to express myself through my photography. In time I would love to go "pro", but I recently ventured into that and stopped because I was losing what photography means to me for the sake of money.

Although I let my photography 'business' (if that's what you call getting taken advantage of) fizzle, over the past seven months I've become extremely interested in living naturally. I (and C, to a point) have decided to try living as informed as possible for the sake of little A. We're a currently semi-crunchy family - I make our household cleaners and laundry detergent, we eat organic as much as possible, sometimes co-sleep, always babywear and gentle discipline, we do not vaccinate A and we are free-thinking atheists. I'm learning not to care about material things, and I LOVE it. But remember, I did say "semi"! We still use disposables (is 14mos too late to start cloth?), bottled water lovers (but we don't want to drink fluoridated faucet water!), and my little A loves her some good old fashioned white sugar. But hey, we're doing the best we can to raise a happy, healthy kid. We are totally doing alright!

My hopes for the future are always changing. I really don't know where we will be in another five years. In 2010, I learned a lot about what is truly important to me. In 2011, I'm going for something a little different. A lot of loving, content feelings, and no more negativity. Happiness, and amazing memories, hopefully a lot captured on camera!

Looking forward to the future, and whichever direction this blog goes... xoxo, S


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